Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment questionnaire identifies whether your primary goal is to preserve, grow, or generate an income from your investment.

Complete your Needs Assessment by answering all of the questions, then choose 'Continue'. Select 'Clear' if you would like to start over.
1. Goal of Investment

What is the primary goal of your investment?

2. Time Horizon

How long will you be invested before you need to begin withdrawing a significant portion of the funds from your investment portfolio?

If your primary goal is to generate a regular cash flow select "Less than 1 year".

3. Risk/Return: The return on your investment portfolio will be driven by the mix of investments in the portfolio. There is, however, a trade-off between risk and return. Typically, higher potential returns are associated with higher risk, while low risk investing is associated with lower potential returns.

Which of the following combinations of risk and potential return is most acceptable to you?

4. Safety of Principal

In any given year what is the maximum decline in the value of your investment you could withstand?

5. Portfolio Size: What percentage of your total investible assets does this investment represent?

6. Investment Knowledge: Which of the following statements best describes your current level of investment knowledge?